3 Best Tips to Manage a B2B Marketing Project on Holiday

How To Manage a B2B Marketing Project on Holiday
How To Manage a B2B Marketing Project on Holiday

The last quarter of the year marks the homestretch of business to business marketing campaigns. The last three months of the year show monthly calendars of almost daily local and national holidays, observances, and state holidays. However, you may have to take out a to do list first of the things you need get a parking on before you take the leap to the airport and fly to your holiday get away. Take a look at the three-point list below of how to manage a B2B marketing project while catching up with the holiday rush.

How To Manage a B2B Marketing Project on Holiday
How To Manage a B2B Marketing Project on Holiday

Sync your working calendar with that of your prospects’

Start planning a perfect holiday spree by ticking the boxes of important dates of your business calendar for the year. The question, “Do your business prospects take holidays off” & “When”, will help you determine the perfect time on plotting the remaining working days of your campaign, and the start date of your official holiday leave. Have both your active and non-active days synced with that of your telemarketing team to get an organized schedule of pauses and start offs.

Schedule a “Pause” on the calling activities

The pause should start on the first day of your scheduled holiday leave which should sync with that of your prospects’. Make sure that your working team’s calendar should be blocked from all appointment setting activities – this will ensure that no lead or appointment would be posted during these days off, and no chance for lost deals. The “Start” date to resume the telemarketing calls must fall on the day, you and your prospects, or most of them, come back to work.

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Set an Email Auto Reply

Wouldn’t it be so relaxing to sip on a glass of vodka, while in a vacation island, without the hassle of getting bugged by email alerts – like lapsed appointments? Email is the most legit and formal medium for business to business communication. Though mobile calling and texting, and the social media come in handy for both personal and business connections, it is best that business talks are funneled into just one venue like email. This will help you avoid missed communications and even missed business transaction meetings.

Ideally, a lead generation campaign must follow a synchronized pattern workflow of tasks, reports and schedules in a streamlined process which involves you, your prospects, and your telemarketing team.

So keep everything in place in the office before you leave for a week or two, with no calls, all bustles.

Enjoy the holiday spree!

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