5 Qualities that Canadian Employers/Interviewers Desire


The corporate arena has changed in a lot different aspects today. With digital revolution happening across the globe, work environments in global corporations have taken a complete flip. Approaches are taking a re-fashion route and there is a tad every job seeker needs to alter with the passing time.

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They say scoring a great job offer is all about the credibility you stand with, the contacts you have and the competence you hold. However, employers are getting increasingly selective, with options per job profile going uphill every day. Talk about ambition, responsibility and flexibility, for these are skills every job seeker holds. The hack to scoring an employment offer with the leading names in your industry is all about getting the basics right. All you have to do is drop a glance on these 5 traits and hone them on a regular basis.

Being Smart at the Moment

Nowadays, work is just a matter of the right reflexes. Be it any job you’re trying your hand at, the right stimulus will always take you a long way. Productivity and work efficiency are terms that lose their importance without a tinge of intelligence to them.

Being smart with the right timing clearly means that you know how to prioritize, craft solutions and have the practical ability to tackle problems cropping up on a daily basis.

Employers round the globe are curiously searching for such candidates who apply their mind in the nick of time and get tasks accomplished. Goes without saying that it is one of the most desirable and employable skills that will get you hired in 2021.

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Field Specific Expertise

Needless to mention, apt knowledge of the desired field is more of a non-negotiable than a desirable trait. Ask yourself, what employer wouldn’t hire a professional master in his own field?

Invest enough time in staying up-to-date with the most recent trends in your industry and it would never seem like a daunting task. Other fruitful methods to demonstrate your work experience would be having your own blog, curating content and posting it online and being an active part of various groups/ communities on social media platforms.

Impeccable Interpersonal Skills – Stating the Obvious!

Be it any workplace in the world, personality conflicts are natural to happen. What’s required in such cases are employees holding efficient people skills to handle the whole situation.

The moment you enter the interview room, the employer will eagerly look forward to you being spot-on with your presentation skills, along with the most appropriate communication skills that make you time efficient with various work related chores.

Learn more about the kinds of people you get along with and inculcate enough people skills to be looked upon as a workforce favored employee.

Being a True Leader

Candidates who know the art of taking initiatives and making first efforts are readily hired by recruiters. You need to have the willingness to accept responsibility and make results happen for the whole team, and not just for your own professional growth. Rightly said, being a team player is one of the first pre-requisites of being a leader. The moment you demonstrate your will to accept a leadership positions and take charge of achieving the organization’s business objectives, job offers will automatically begin to fall in your kitty.

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Having the Knack of Creativity

Consumers in all fields are looking to tap creative solutions that stand apart from the crowd and are workable at the same time. Why else do you think graduates with their own startups find it easy to score offers with big-shots of the industry!

Although, it’s more of a naturally grown aspect, but working on your creative side will definitely put you out of the rat race.

Traits are numerous to enlist and jobs are a zillion to pick from. All you need is the right move at the right time. However, make sure that you have all it takes to make a ‘desirable’ job applicant.

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