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Top 7 Best Resume Builders Websites / Tools

Best Resume Builders Websites
Written by Mathew Jackson


Also known as Curriculum Vitae (CV), a Resume is a document provided by a person seeking employment where all the necessary details about the criteria of their desired job are provided. Without a resume, getting a job is almost impossible. It is the basis on which the employer assesses the employee on the first go.

Best Resume Builders Websites

Best Resume Builders Websites


Having a good and simple resume is essential, it should be unique enough to capture the employer’s notice among various others’ CVs. Since a resume is the first step of getting an employer’s attention, it should be thoughtfully put together without anything unnecessary.

These days the task of creating catchy and simple resumes has been made extremely easy by various paid and free websites online. This article strives to provide 7 top resume-building websites that can come in handy while creating resumes.

Top 7 Best Resume Builders Websites / Tools


Powered by a team of 10 career experts, Zety is undoubtedly one of the best online resume builder websites, making its way through since 2016. Zety allows you to pick your favorite resume templates. Zety premium subscription at 14.99 a month allows you to generate a matching cover letter template as well. You can download your application either in PDF format or Word format. Even though there is no option to download directly from Zety for free, there is an option to create a link and download a resume from that link at the place of your choice. The website is customer-friendly and has impressive ratings on various polls online.


Known for making various wallpapers, Canva also helps users to make note-worthy resumes. There are various free templates among which users can pick any one of their choices. You can customize the colours and the format quite easily. Canva allows you to save the free templates without any hassle. Starting from a minimalistic template so some heavy designs, Canva offers a wide range to choose from. It is one of the favourites of users when it comes to resume-building websites.


Founded in 2009, Resume Genius has helped thousands of people build resumes and cover letter templates for free. It is known for building fast and easy resumes. Information is GDPR/CCPA compliant and safe. The website is programmed to frame a cover letter about the information put in by the users. Resume Genius also has one of the largest collections of cover letter guides on the internet. You can also qualify for a CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer) certification if you pass the test provided by the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches.


Indeed allows you to build a resume using their expert tips and advice. They also allow you to customize your resume and find the best jobs that match your resume. Creating a resume that employers and robots (ATS) are looking for has been made easier with Indeed. One click after you are done building your resume allows your resume to reach hundreds of job postings of your requirements. Indeed has a user-friendly website that helps you create your resume step by step hassle-free.


Jobscan’s resume builder is an easy way to build resumes that are formatted for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Worries about parsing errors or formatting mishaps can be forsaken when using Jobscan. You can download your resume either in a PDF format or Word document. Jobscan’s optimization tool allows checking how well your resume is tailored to the job. With impressive reviews, Jobscan is also one of the top resume builders.


This platform allows anyone to get expert advice and find professional guides to help them better understand how to create an effective resume. ResumeCoach’s easy-to-use resume maker helps users to design their resumes effectively. Industry-specific templates and practical tips are provided when building resumes using this website. ResumeCoach also has a suggested reading list as go on about making your resume.


Best for guided resume creation, My Perfect Resume provides tools with expert recommendations. This platform enables you to include optional sections like certifications, accomplishments, and affiliations. If you are applying for a creative role, this tool is particularly useful.

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Conclusion on Best Resume Builders Websites / Tools

Resume Builders are extremely helpful when it comes to building resumes showcasing your unique self. Even though there are various other resume builders, you should always go for the one that suits your requirements and criteria.

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