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7 Best iOS Emulator for PC to Run iOS Apps on Windows

15 Best iOS Emulator for PC to Run iOS Apps on Windows
Written by Mathew Jackson

Introduction – Best iOS Emulators for PC and Mac

iOS Emulators for PC: There are many benefits to running a mobile app on a PC using an Android or iOS emulator. There aren’t many ways to run iOS apps on Windows and Mac, despite the fact that there are a lot of good Android emulators available. Here’s a list of the top iOS emulators for PC and Mac to aid users.

15 Best iOS Emulator for PC to Run iOS Apps on Windows

15 Best iOS Emulator for PC to Run iOS Apps on Windows

The user can mimic the actions of an iOS smartphone using these emulators without investing in additional hardware. Using an emulator, one can play games like PUBG and Pokemon Go on their computer. Additionally, it aids in the discovery of anomalous behaviour by app developers when the apps are being tested.

Top 7 Best iOS Emulators for PC and Mac

The services provided by are simple to use hence it is one of the top emulators. It requires the user to upload their programme to its website and one is ready to go, especially given the dearth of iOS emulators for PC and Mac in the first place.

Developers may stream iOS simulators on the web thanks to . It is utilized for testing, integrating apps into websites, and other stages of development.

Regarding the cost, the users are given 100 minutes of app streaming time during the free trial term of this iPhone simulator. From the dashboard, one can keep an eye on the usage and set up alerts for when they go over the limit.


Another iOS emulator for PCs is called Corellium, and security researchers typically utilize it to run a simulated iOS device inside of the browser. Corellium’s creators were among the first jailbreakers of the iPhone hence it can be trusted well.

Corellium was previously exclusively accessible to business users, but now everyone may utilize the iOS virtualization tool. Since Corellium doesn’t want the tool to be misused, it isn’t easy to access this emulator.

iOS simulator in Xcode

For iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and iMessage, Apple’s proprietary Xcode software development environment for Mac include a dedicated app simulator. Therefore, it is sufficient to simulate many forms of user interactions like taps, device movement, scrolling, and other user activities while utilizing Xcode as the primary app development suite.

The Xcode project allows Mac users to launch their programmes immediately. The advantage Safari has over other free iPhone emulators is the capability to visit Safari from within Xcode and test web apps.


Developers frequently utilize TestFlight, now leased by Apple, to beta test their Xamarin-written iOS apps. In a nutshell, it is Apple’s officially recommended way to test apps.

The detailed documentation for TestFlight’s iOS emulator for PCs is a benefit. This freeware app works with iMessage, watchOS, tvOS, and iOS apps. There is also the option for the apps to go through external beta testing before the final evaluation. A rather difficult setup and the requirement to create an App Store distribution profile are drawbacks of this emulation service.

Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio offers a 7-day full product trial, which makes it eligible for this list even though it is a paid solution for testing and running iOS apps on Windows desktops. Its standout features include the ability to utilize the same product on two PCs for typical work arrangements at the office and at home, as well as full-featured emulation of iPhones, iPads, and responsive apps.

The integrated WebKit and Chrome debugging tools in this iPhone emulator for Windows 10 are another reason why developers favour it for their projects. One can map their preferred shortcuts by adding hot-key navigation keys. This iOS app development tool is simple to integrate with Visual Studio for Windows users as well.

Remoted iOS simulator for Windows PC

Another popular option for testing iOS applications on your Windows computer is Remoted iOS Simulator. It is a developer tool that comes pre-installed in Visual Studio together with Xamarin. Users can test their apps using the iOS simulator by following the comprehensive instructions on Microsoft’s website.

The interface for the tool features a helpful toolbar at the top with options like ”Home,” “Lock,” “Settings,” and “Screenshot.” Users may enable Touch ID-like features from the Settings menu, as well as imitate static and moving situations, shaking movements, rotation, and other actions. Similar to the iPhone, the tool also accepts stylus input and touch input.


Smartface is the most popular iOS Emulator since it offers customers a wide range of capabilities that enable them to use the platform effectively. One of the best resources for creating and testing mobile applications is Smartface.

Cross-platform development is possible with Smartface. This program is the best option for a Windows debugger. It is an application that is simple to use for application development.

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Conclusion on iOS Emulators for PC

Today’s user utilises a variety of devices to carry out their personal and professional obligations. As a result, businesses must create programmes that work on several operating systems, including Windows, Android, and iOS.

However, there are still some programmes that are not available across platforms, and emulators make it simple for users to use specific applications across systems. In addition to this, there are numerous Android emulators for iOS that can be found on the market.

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