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Periscope for PC Free Download for Windows 10/8/8.1/7

Periscope for PC Free Download for Windows 10/8/8.1/7
Written by Mathew Jackson

Download Periscope for PC and Laptop : Imagine yourself as viewing some magic show, but alone. You want to talk about and share this experience with your friends, but cannot do it as you are watching it alone. To bring your far off friends close to you and to share, tweet, chat and experience the same experience as experiencing by you at that time; twitter had launched an application named as “periscope”, in 2015. It is available for only android and iOS. Today we are going to share how to run periscope for PC.

Periscope for PC Free Download for Windows 10/8/8.1/7

Periscope for PC Free Download for Windows 10/8/8.1/7

Periscope is a live video streaming application which enables it’s users to broadcast the video from anyplace, anywhere and at anytime. It is available at Apple app store and Google play store. It runs and is compatible with IOS, tvOS and Android platform. It is an application to application feed transfer app. This means that systems without the periscope installed on their kernel cannot view the feed.

The application links the twitter account of the user with it. This application is finding a huge positive response and feedback by many multinational companies and is widely used by many social groups to demonstrate their causes easily. Periscope app for pc is not actually available for PC or Laptop but we are going to share how to use periscope for windows.

The privacy settings of applications lets the broadcaster to decide the viewers of the feed. The broadcaster can broadcast feed to all of his followers, or he can specifically decide who will watch the feed. Also, he can broadcast the feed as ‘Public’ also. This will make the feed to be watched by anyone. Once the broadcaster broadcasts the feed, the selected followers will get the notification and they can also watch the feed.

Some tricks finders has found a solution of how to use periscope on computer and periscope on PC The feed broadcasted by the broadcaster can viewed as ‘Live’ or if the selected viewer is not active at that time, in that case he can replay the feed whenever he gets active.

Periscope for PC Free Download for Windows 10/8/8.1/7 (PC, Laptop, Mac)

Install Periscope For IOS, tvOS

  1. Open an Apple App store
  2. Search for ‘Periscope’ in search bar
  3. Select the first option
  4. Click on install

Download Periscope on Android

  1. Open the Google play store
  2. Search for ‘Periscope’ in search bar
  3. Select the first option
  4. Click on install

Periscope For PC, Laptop and Mac:

  1. Search for bluestacks emulator on Google
  2. Select first option,
  3. Click on ‘Download Bluestacks’, this will download the exe file.
  4. After the download is complete, run the exe file
  5. Select ‘yes’ and install the bluestacks on your system.
  6. After the complete installation of bluestacks on your system, run it
  7. Register yourself via google account
  8. After all registration procedures, you can use bluestacks to download and run android application on your non-android systems.
  9. Search for ‘periscope’ in search bar, select first option and select install to install it.

The steps to be followed after installation:

  1. Open the periscope app on pc.
  2. Register yourself through your twitter account
  3. After completion of registration process, you are able to broadcast the feed and view the feed to and from your followers respectively.

The steps to be followed for Periscope Live Streaming on PC .

  1. Click on the ‘broadcast’ icon then after camera feed will start to appear, but the feed is not yet started to broadcast.
  2. Name the title for of feed
  3. Selectable options:
    1. Location option enables you to tag the location from where you are broadcasting the feed
    2. Private option enabled you to select the followers to whom you want to broadcast the feed, not to all of your followers
    3. Chat option enable you to turn on/off the chat option while live streaming
    4. Tweet option enables you to tweet the followers whenever you broadcast
  4. Click on ‘Start broadcast’, this will start your broadcast
  5. You can view all chats while viewing broadcasting the feed

Here we had shared some tactics for how to use periscope on pc, laptop & mac. In this way ‘periscope’ has brought people close to each other, even though they are sitting miles apart. This is the modern way for remain in touch with friends even after they are not together with us. We can share our moments of joy, sorrow, action, adventures, trips and other moments of our life which we want to share wit our close ones and sometimes with all of our circle.

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