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Top 6 Things Must To Do On First Days In London, Ontario, Canada

Top 6 Things Must To Do On First Days In London, Ontario, Canada
Written by Mathew Jackson

Greetings Folks, This is Priya – 2018 Batch Fanshawe College Alumni. I belongs from Gujarat in India. I have done project management and operations management at Fanshawe College, London.  In this post, I am going to share some important things to keep in mind for international students within 1st three days after coming to London Ontario. Here, I am considering arrival day as Day 0 and Day 1 is the first day on which you can start your stuff from morning. I will share all information you need to know in context of both main institution located in London Ontario.

  1. Fanshawe College
  2. Western University

Top 6 Things Must To Do On First Days In London, Ontario, Canada

Things to Do on First Day of Arrival (Consider Weekdays Only) DAY 1


  • Go to College/University to Get Your Fan Card
  • Get Canadian SIM/Mobile Number
  • Bank Account/GIC Activation
  1. Go to College/University to Activate Your Seat and Get Fan Card

The very first thing you need to do is you have to go to college to get your Fan Card. You must need to upload your photo to get your Fan Card / ONECard Printed. Click on the link for complete information regarding How to Get ID Card.

Whiz Canadian’s Pro Tip: You will be good to go with your offer letter when you are heading to college. Most of the LTC bus driver will allow you to board on the bus for free If you show them your offer letter and when you inform them that you are going to get your bus pass/ ID card from college/university.

After Getting your bus pass, You will be good to travel in any of the LTC Busses. You will need to tap your card on the validator machine.

2. Get Canadian Mobile Number

You can get Canadian Mobile Number many ways but here, I am going to recommend you best 3 Ways to get Canadian SIM for International Students.

  1. Get SIM from India (Only Applies If you are reading this 1 Months before coming to Canada)
  2. Get Chatr SIM from Airport
  3. Get Chatr SIM from Walmart | Lucky Mobile SIM from Dollarama

1. Get SIM from India

If you are reading this post well in advance of coming to Canada then this will be the best option  to get FIDO sim card from India. You can buy Fido sim card from this link . They will deliver you FIDO Sim Card to anywhere in India for free. You will get 10 GB data in $40. There won’t be contract so you don’t have to worry about changing carrier after coming to Canada.

2. Get Chatr SIM from Airport

When you land on Pearson Airport, You will able to see Chatr Kiosk in front of arrival gate. You will able to buy Chatr Sim Card in $40 with using your Passport.

3. Get Chatr SIM from Walmart | Lucky Mobile SIM from Dollarama

Lucky Mobile at Dollarama

I would suggest you to go to Dollarama to get Your LUCKY MOBILE SIM. They will charge you $4 at POS for this SIM card. You can activate Lucky Mobile SIM online. You can choose suitable plans online while activation. You will get $20 Dollarama Gift Card after using 2 months to your number.

Click Here to Search for Dollarama Near You

Chatr SIM from Walmart

Alternatively, You can visit to any Walmart store to get SIM card. You will need to go to Walmart Wireless of any store (Mostly Located in the Back of Store). You will need your passport and $50 in cash if you don’t have travel credit card.

Click Here to Search for Walmart Near You

Whiz Canadian’s Pro Tip: If your phone is supporting eSim then you can buy Lucky Mobile eSim from India too. Click here to Buy Lucky Mobile eSIM

3. Visit to Scotia Bank

The other important thing to do is to Visit Scotia Bank. You need to activate your GIC and you will need to set-up your scotia bank account by visiting in person. Here, You will be getting your Debit Card, Scotia Online setup and You will be requesting for your first Credit Card in Canada. You will need your Passport, Study Permit, Phone Number, Email ID for flawless experience at Scotia Bank.

Click Here to Search for Scotia Bank Location Near You

Whiz Canadian’s Pro Tip: When your flight get confirmed after that you can book in-person banking appointment at nearest Scotia Bank Branch from your college. You can book your appointment from here:

How to Book An Scotia Bank Appointment? Step By Step Guide to Book Scotia Bank Appointment Online

  1. Click on
  2. Select “New Customer”
  3. Select “Personal Banking”
  4. Select “Bank Accounts”
  5. Select “Bank Accounts”
  6. Select “Open New Account”
  7. Select “New To Canada Account”
  8. Choose Your Nearest Branch (For Fanshawe Students: N5Y 6M7, Western Students: N5X 2L5)> Select Date and Time (Use date and time after your arrival date)
  9. Review your information and Submit.

I think that’s enough stuff for you on Day 1, you can go home and take rest or start unpacking.

Things to Do on First Few Days of Arrival (Consider Weekdays Only) DAY 2

4. Get Your SIN Number From Service Canada

The next important step is to Get SIN Number from Service Canada. SIN Number is the document which will allow you to work in Canada. You need to go to Service Canada with your passport, study permit, offer letter, and your phone number. Be prepared to wait for about 3-4 hours if you don’t have appointment.

Click Here to Search for Service Canada Location Near You

Whiz Canadian’s Tip: If you are not in hurry then you can apply for SIN once you arrive.

5. Craft Your Resume & Print them

The next thing you will do is Craft your Resume. You need to update your resume with Canadian address and contact details if you have any existing resume from home country. If you don’t have your resume yet, I would suggest you to use available free resume samples to create your resume.

Alternatively, You can use professional resume builders available online. Check this site .

After Creating Resumes I would like you to get someone who is already working in Canada to Proofread Your Resume. If you don’t know anyone you can schedule resume review with us. One of our team member will review your resume and give you suggestion about your resume for free. WE ARE PROVIDING THIS SERVICE TO NEW COMERS ONLY TO HELP THEM OUT. WE DO NOT CHARGE NEW COMERS FOR THIS SERVICE TOO.

Click Here to Book to Free Proofreading of Your Resume

How to Get Resumes Printed?

You can get your resumes printed from Library of College/University almost for free. You can use your ID cards to make payment for your prints.

6. Get yourself familiar with the city

Before your class starts, roam around the city to familiarize yourself and finding opportunities where you can get part time job. You may collect a city map from your university/college reception or from LTC Busses.

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