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Top 10 Best Things to do In Medicine Hat, Alberta

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Written by Sarah Campbell

Coming out from the normal events and experiencing something different is a necessity for life. It’s a basis of evolution of life, to place yourself in the shoes of a person from another region, experiencing new cultures and events. Vacations are a way to achieve this, getting out of the general routines and just spending time with friends and family. Canada is full of such of the beat paths, which are not very frequently visited by tourists, but have a lot to see. One place is Medicine Hat.

020621 1847 Top10BestTh1

Medicine Hat is a small town in Alberta, just along the South Saskatchewan River. It’s also commonly referred as “The Gas City”, due to all the gas fields which are spread throughout the city. Here are a few locations which one should definitely visit when in Medicine Hat.

Medalta in the Historic Clay District

Medicine Hat was earlier a Railway Town, and is filled with old factories and industries. One such factory was Medalta, which was reconstructed into a museum. It’s full of pottery and ceramic art, as stated that the century old factory was also a ceramic factory. So, it looks like newer technologies have preserved old style and architecture.

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Saamis Tepee

Saamis Tepee, as the name suggests is a Tepee made up of concrete and steel bars. It’s the world’s largest tepee constructed in 1988, when Canada was a host of the 1988 Winter Olympics. It is a tribute to all the tribes which used to live in Canada. It’s a local tourist attraction and many light shows are held here in the evening. It’s also surrounded by trails and park for everyone to have a hike.

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Red Rock Coulee

Red Rock Coulee is another hiking site, covered with sand and as you guessed, red rocks, it’s a popular destination for camping, rock hiking and clicking amazing photographs. If you are feeling adventurous, or just having an itch for hiking or rock climbing, then do check this place out. There is also a view-point on highway 887, overlooking the vast rocky lands, which is a perfect location for clicking photographs, especially during sunset.

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Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre

This place hosts a variety of events and contains a large number of art pieces. It contains a museum, an art gallery and also an area where events are held, along with exhibitions of all sorts of arts. This place is a must visit if you want to see people’s imagination being displayed live in front of your eyes. It has suitable events and functions for people of all age groups.

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I know the name itself gives away the excitement at this place, it’s a family entertainment centre situated in the centre of the city. It has 18 mini golf holes, specially made by Castle Golf, which is a leading company in making adventurous golf courses for the past 40 years. It’s a popular tourist as well as a local spot to spend a weekend here with family and friends enjoying whilst playing golf, or just chilling by the fountain.

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Kin Coulee Park

If you have some leisure time in your trip, or just want to spend the evening sitting by a beautiful park then this place is curated for you. It has a kid’s playground, many locals come by during the evening to see the beautiful sunset. There are a number of paved trails for hikers and loads of land and parks to explore.

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Cenovus Arena

If you are feeling adventurous, or just having an itch to play some sports, or just want a casual skating session then this must definitely be a spot on your itinerary. Open all year round, the Cenovus arena is a popular location for enthusiast skaters, as well as for casual ones. Constructed in 1995, it’s a fully indoor ice-skating ring with Olympic-size ice surface, and also has a ice-hockey net, and rails available for rookie skaters.

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Kinsmen Aquatic Park

Visiting the city during summer time and it’s a hot and humid day, then what’s more refreshing that having a dip in water. Kinsmen Aquatic Park, in the Family Leisure Centre is a popular spot in Medicine Hat for the same. It has pools for all age groups and all swimming abilities, from full 50m lanes, 5m diving boards to an aquatic adventure park with rides and a splash pool. It’s a perfect location to spend a weekend, or a leisurely day in your trip.

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Thai Orchid Room

After travelling and visiting such wonderful locations, you are definitely going to be exhausted and hungry. Thai Orchid Room, as the name suggests is a perfect location to have comforting Asian and Thai food. Suggested by the local’s to be the best dinner or lunch spot in whole of Medicine Hat to get authentic Thai food, you must definitely check this place out.

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Medicine Hat Brewing Company

Medicine Hat Brewing Company is probably the oldest beer brewing company in the city. It was constructed in 1912 but was closed due the Temperance Movement. Reopened almost after a full century, this place is known to the locals for serving amazing quality food and beer. It has beers of a variety of flavours, all from which you can choose your favourite and relinquish your thirst as well as your hunger from their mouth-watering menu choices.

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