Top 10 Best Things to do in Saint-Georges, Quebec



Saint-Georges is a beautiful city located in Quebec, Canada. The place is a famous vacation spot since it has several tourist attractions, great food and a comfortable environment. Saint-Georges forms a major centre of the Beauce region and features one of the most stunning waterways.

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The place has a population of around 30,000 people. Saint-Georges is one of the liveliest small cities in Canada. While heading for a vacation to the city, there are ten best things that you must try to make your trip a memorable one.

1. Scenic Experience at Parc des Sept-Chutes

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Parc des Sept-Chutes is one of the mesmerizing places to visit while in Saint-Georges, Quebec. The Park features breathtaking views along with many other facilities. The Park allows for conducting the following activities kayaking, plant life viewing, animal life viewing, hiking and snowshoeing.

2. Deer Hunting at Safari Anticosti

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Safari Anticosti is a famous place for deer hunting. It offers some of the unique and traditional ways for hunting deers. Anticosti is located towards the middle of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence in Quebec. If you are someone who loves hunting, then Safari Anticosti should not be missed out.

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3. Centre de Ski St-Georges

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The place is famous for skiing while in Saint-Georges, Quebec. It is a well-known skiing hub and a perfect place to have fun with family and friends. The main activities conducted here include winter sliding, snowboarding and telemark.

4. A Peaceful Place to Worship – Eglise Church

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Eglise is the most iconic and beautiful church found in Saint-Georges, Quebec. The church located on top of the hill is the best place to worship while in Quebec. The interiors of the church filled with incredible works of art will sweep you off your feet. Make sure to visit this historic church.

5. Relax at the NRJ Spa Nordique

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The NRJ Spa is beside Sartigan lake wherein it allows you to experience the serenity and the freshness of nature. The spa offers incredible and relaxing activities that will ensure you a peaceful experience. Some of the famous activities include a hot spa, Finnish sauna, cold water basin, Hammam steam bath and other relaxing activities. Pay a visit to this place for experiencing soothing massage therapy.

6. Enjoy Playing Golf at Club de Golf Saint-Georges

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Club de Golf is a beautiful and famous golf course that is one of the top attractive places in Saint Georges. The golf was started in 1959 and initially included nine holes. However, in 1973 the number increased to 18. If you love playing golf, do not miss out of this place.

7. Club Rendez-Vous, Saint – Georges

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Club Rendez-Vous is another well-known place famous for skiing. The main aim of this place is to encourage and motivate people to stay active during winter. Club Rendez-Vous has beautiful 16 km ski slopes, 7 km skating trails and 5 km of snowshoe trails.

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8. Historic Museum – Musee de l’entrepreneurship Beauceron

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Musée de l’entrepreneurship Beauceron, is the most iconic museum in Saint Georges built by great entrepreneurs. The museum arranges for a variety of theme exhibitions and highlights the rich heritage of Saint Georges.

9. Rich Sculptures at the Beauce Art: L’International de la sculpture

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Beauce Art was founded as a non-profit organization in Saint Georges. The International of Sculpture includes beautiful sculptures designed by local and international artists. The event has become possible today due to the people of Saint-Georges and the International Organization of La Francophonie. The sculptures built to highlight the cultural, political and social diversity of the city. Beauce Art conducts the International Sculpture Symposium every summer wherein ten artists meet and create permanent sculptures.

10. Make your Way to Experience Comfort at Le Georgesville

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For a comfortable stay while in Saint-Georges, Le Georgesville is the perfect hotel to be considered. With the exclusive facilities offered, the hotel will make sure that you have a relaxing stay, while in Saint-Georges. Le Georgesville is a 4-star hotel and offers some incredible food and spacious room. For a peaceful stay, make sure to experience the same at Le Georgesville.

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