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Top 10 Best Things to do in Keswick-Elmhurst Beach Ontario

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Keswick is ideally known as a cottage town found towards the south central province of Ontario. The community of Keswick seems to be growing and it is emerging to be a hot destination for home buyers. Elmhurst Beach is 2.5 km far from the town of Keswick and situated nearby to Pine Beach. It is one of the best places to visit while in Keswick.


020621 1852 Top10BestTh1

Let us look at the top 10 best things to do while you vacation at Keswick – Elmhurst Beach in Ontario.

1. Georgina Pioneer Village

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The village was incorporated in 1975 and is located towards the south of Lake Simcoe. Georgina Pioneer village depicts the history and past Georgina as during 1850 and 1920. Some of the activities popularly conducted at Georgina includes workshops, school visits, tours and heritage camps.

2. The Bravery of Canada at Georgina Military Museum

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The Georgina Military Museum is a non-profit organization based in Keswick. The museum is aimed at providing schools and the general public a glimpse as to how the members of the Canadian society appear during the wartime conflict. The museum includes a range of different artefacts.

3. A Paradise in Keswick – The Orchard Beach Golf and Country Club

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Orchard, a well-known golf club in Keswick, is a must-visit place if you enjoy playing golf. The golf course features a nine-hole course ground that made its way in 1926. Orchard beach golf has one of the most incredible architects. The country club is spacious enough to walk and also features power carts for people who love to drive along.

4. Lake Simcoe Watersport Rentals

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If someone loves doing watersports, then Lake Simcoe is one of the best places for vacation. A rental provider just outside Lake Simcoe provides the best watersport equipment that will leave you with a memorable experience while in Lake Simcoe. The equipment is well cleaned and hygienic.

5. Feel Refreshed at North Gwillimbury Park

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The park was formerly known as the Maple Leaf Park and is a beautiful tourist attraction located in Lake Simcoe. Common activities at the park include a shelter for picnics, access to swimming, tables for a picnic and a playing ground.

6. Theatrical Experience of Arts at The Stephen Leacock Theatre

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The theatre was founded in 1985, and features a seating arrangement of around 295 seats. Different types of local, national and international entertainment, are played at the theatre. Stephen Leacock Theatre also arranges various music shows, comedy performances and stage productions. Additionally, the theatre conducts camp to learn the art of acting and filmmaking.

7. Shop at Antiques on Highway 48

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The shop contains a wide variety of vintage related items and collectibles. Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the offline store is currently closed down. However, the shop offers pick-up and online store facility. Few of the things that can be availed at the shop include vintage jewellery, vintage housewares, cameras, collectibles, furniture, paintings, gold and silver, etc. If you love to shop for vintage items, then the shop is the best place to visit while in Keswick.

8. Get Refreshed at the Whipper Watson Park

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The park got its name from one of the famous wrestlers in Keswick named Whipper Billy Watson. Whipper park features a beautiful ambience and scenic view. Some of the activities include a playground, splash pad, tennis court, volleyball court, and asphalt skills court. The park follows the principle to stay active and have a healthy lifestyle.

9. The Sandy – Willow Beach Park

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Willow beach park is the perfect place to visit for family vacations. The park has a sandy beach which is a hotspot for playing sports during summer. Moreover, the park is quite famous during the winters for ice-fishing. Some other activities that are allowed at the beach include a playground and picnic tables. If you love sandy beaches, then Willow beach park must be a part of the list of the top places.

10. Do Not Miss The Claredon Beach Park


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Claredon Beach in Keswick is the most stunning looking sandy beach park. The park is known to have beautiful playground equipment, landscaping, rest areas and scenic lakeside. The Claredon Beach park is located on Lake Simcoe and is the most beautiful place to visit.

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